Your data and privacy with Project Shield

Here are answers to common questions about how your website’s traffic and visitor data are used with Project Shield. 

What data does Project Shield collect?

We collect traffic metadata and cached content for website traffic passed through Project Shield. This helps us detect and defend against DDoS attacks. 

We also ask for your website’s configuration data  your website's origin server, domains, and subdomains  to set up Project Shield. We hold on to this for as long as you have an account with Project Shield. You can delete your Project Shield account at any time.

Data and web traffic may be processed and stored in the US or other countries. 

How do you use my website and website visitors’ data?

Project Shield collects web traffic logs, and other data on how we serve your traffic, to help improve Project Shield's service and performance.

Project Shield does not collect data to improve search results or target advertising.

Can people tell that I’m using Project Shield?

Yes. Domain Name System (DNS) records are public information and will show that you are pointed at Project Shield servers.

When you set up Project Shield, you point your traffic at Project Shield servers. Anyone can use a public website to look up your DNS records and see what IP address or host name your website points to.


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