General FAQs

Here are answers to general questions about Project Shield:

Does Project Shield protect against other digital attacks (like hacking or malware)?

No, Project Shield only helps to protect against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks. Learn more about how Project Shield works.

Will Project Shield make my website slower or faster?

Project Shield's impact on your website can vary because website performance depends on several factors.

Some Project Shield users see better website performance because of Project Shield’s caching features. Other users see slightly slower performance as traffic passes through Project Shield. 

If you’re invited to Project Shield, you can test the impact on a small amount of your website traffic before sending all of your traffic through Project Shield. 

Does Project Shield offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

No. Project Shield is a free service offered to news publishers and other qualified websites. We use reasonable effort to support Project Shield users and maintain uptime of the service.

Reasonable effort means that when you report an issue or we find issues with Project Shield's functionality, the Project Shield team will attempt to resolve the issue and/or restore full functionality. However, the team is unable to guarantee resolution, commit to providing updates, or provide an expected resolution time.

Can any person visit my website when protected by Project Shield?

Project Shield is built on Google Cloud Platform, so website visitors who cannot access Google Cloud Platform services will not be able to see website content served by Project Shield.

Does Project Shield place ads on content?

No, Project Shield doesn’t place ads on websites it protects.

Project Shield doesn’t change the content of your website in any way. It also doesn’t impact the ability for your website to target advertising or analyze ads-related data.

My site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Does that work with Project Shield?

Yes, Project Shield supports websites with SSL, such as websites with "https://."  Learn more about how to set up a site with SSL.

My site uses a bare domain. Does that work with Project Shield?
Yes, Project Shield supports bare domains (such as, versus a subdomain such as Learn more about how to set up a bare domain.


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