How to apply for Project Shield

To get started with Project Shield, you can apply at We accept applications of eligible websites on a rolling basis. 

Applying for Project Shield

To apply for Project Shield, you must:

1. Have a news, human rights, elections monitoring and information, or political organization website

Project Shield accepts applications from news, human rights, and elections monitoring organizations and individual journalists. In certain countries, applications from political organizations are also accepted subject to local law.

At this time, we don’t accept applications from other types of websites, such as gaming, commercial, or personal sites.

2. Have a Google account

Google Accounts with an email address ending in “” can be used with Project Shield. 

Google for Work accounts can also be used with Project Shield. 

If you don't have a Google Account, you can sign up for an account.

3. Submit an application

Apply for Project Shield, or visit

If you are approved, you will receive an email invitation to set up your website with Project Shield.

How Project Shield applications are reviewed

We manually review applications for Project Shield and consider several eligibility factors:

General guidelines

Your website must be a news, human rights, elections monitoring or information, or political organization (in certain countries) website.

Your website must not violate our Content Policy.

Content guidelines

News websites

Generally, news sites should have original content, cite news sources, and report on timely and newsworthy topics. For example, websites with strictly informational content like stock data or weather forecasts aren’t eligible.

Human rights and elections monitoring websites

Generally, these sites should clearly reflect a human rights mission or host elections monitoring content. We also look for sites that emphasize sharing information online, such as elections monitoring reports, human rights-related case studies, and more.

Quality guidelines

News websites

Sites should have well-formatted and user-friendly content, and stick to news (not spam or marketing content). 

Human rights and elections monitoring websites

Generally, we look for a formal entity or organization representing the website. 

Political organization guidelines

Political organizations in some countries are eligible for Project Shield subject to local laws. The specific countries where Project Shield accepts applications from political organizations and the country guidelines follow:

Country Guidelines
Hungary  Certain organizations are eligible. Contact Project Shield support for more information.
United States Eligibility extends to all federal, state and local candidates, political parties, political committees (also known as PACs), and Section 527 organizations. Proof of registration is required.

Details on your application form 

You can apply for Project Shield by filling out the application form. We’ll ask for:

  • Your organization name and location
  • Your name
  • Your email 
  • URL of the website you want to protect
  • Type of website content 
  • If your site uses SSL (https)
  • If your site is currently under DDoS attack, or has previously been under DDoS attack

Sign up FAQs

If I apply, will I receive an invitation?

Applying for Project Shield doesn’t guarantee you will receive an invitation. Project Shield may accept or reject applicants.

Project Shield may also remove participants from the program if it later determines they are no longer eligible, or if Project Shield is no longer able to provide services to them.

Are any locations restricted? 

Due to sanction restrictions, Project Shield can’t serve website content if your organization or your web server is located in Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, or Syria. 

My website is on Blogger, Google Sites, or Google App Engine. Am I eligible?
As Google products, these sites already have similar DDoS protection to Project Shield. Your website would not need to be set up with Project Shield. 


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