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Cant exclude pdfs in search results I've tried to exclude pdf urls in my search results and to no avail. I've added the fileType paramet…
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On mobile, clicking a result in image search closes the search results On a mobile device... Do image search Retrieve long list of results Scroll down a page/screen or two… Only 2 pages in results. Both are main pages Hi. Quite a long time ago, I have connect 2 sites to this search. But the problem is that, when I tr…
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Search engine: product price metadata is not updated Hello, I have a problem with out-of-date prices in the metadata pagemap/offer. In a classic Google s…
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context xml file showing invalid format after i enter the <FacetItem> tag i am trying to refine my searches with the context file, i have included my <Facet> tag with tthe <C…
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Autocomplete doesn't appear when you scroll down, works fine on top of the theme. Hi there, I've replaced my wordpress search feature with the Google search and it works fine. My iss…
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Irrelevant Google search result Hello Google Tech Support Team, My concern is that when someone types competitors' mobile number on …
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Limited to No Search results when using Quotation marks Trying to use Google Custom Search JSON API using search queries wrapped in quotation marks but retu…
0 Updates 0 Recommended Answers 6 Replies 1 Upvote
Incorrect Total Results counts The total count of results displayed in "totalResults" at very first time of any queries has one val…
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