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No luck indexing directory of pdfs I set up a search of my site 3 days ago when I try and search for a word that i know will be in my p…
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How do I gain access to a previously created CSE when the owner is not known We cannot access our Google Custom Search Engine account as the owner of this account is not known. …
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how can i multipe site search with custom search appi I can not able multiple search
0 Recommended Answers 1 Reply 0 Upvotes
Lazy load on click the programmable search engine Is it possible to lazy load the programmable search engine in a way that it starts downloading only …
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Trying to resize Google Search box and failing miserably. I have been trying to resize this search box for 2 hours now- https://bit.ly/34hqXIr If possible, tr…
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Cannot add sitemap due to http 404 error Here is my sitemap link https://ginnycosine.github.io/sitemap.xml . Why can't I add my sitemap? I've…
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How to create a CSE on user google doc content? We have a company wide googlesite. On that site I want to display the result of a specific file sear…
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Am I allowed to add a Google Search engine in a website presenting nude models I am aware that Google is very strict about nudity for websites that include Adsense, but I don't kn…
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How to call the context and annotations files from a search element Is there any way to call the context and the annotations files through the search element as it was …
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