Make a topical search engine with types

Imagine that you have a website about movies. You might want your visitors to be able to search from your website for pages about movies, either among your affiliated websites or the web as a whole. By using types with your search engine to create a topical search engine, you can do just that.

A topical search engine returns results which include the kind of content you are looking for, as stated by the results’ webmasters. As a result, if one of your visitors uses your topical movie search engine to search for The Internship, you can be sure the results are about the 2013 film and not about potential career opportunities. If you want to learn more about, see What is below.

To setup your search engine to use Types:

  1. From the Control Panel, select the search engine you want to change.
  2. Click Setup from the left menu and open the Basics tab. 
  3. Under Restrict Pages using Types, enter up to 10 schema types you want to include. As you enter text into the field, a dropdown suggests types for you. Note that schema types are in a nested structure, so if you use a type like CreativeWork, it will also include results that are sub-Types of CreativeWork, such as Book or Movie.  For a full list of types, see
  4. If you want your search engine to find schema types across the entire web, remove any sites from your list of Sites to search. Otherwise, your search engine will return results only from your Sites to search that match at least one of the schema types you specified.
  5. Click Update.

What is is an effort to provide webmasters with HTML to mark up content in ways that are recognized by major search providers, including Google. For example, the webmaster of a site about movies can use the schema type “Movie,” and then properties such as “director” or “genre” in the HTML of their site. Search providers can use that data to better understand the content on that page in search results.


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