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Programmable Search Engine monetization changes effective April 2022

We're in the process of creating a new system for publishers seeking to monetize their search engines. To prepare for this change, we’re disabling the current system effective April 2022. This will apply to search engines created in both the Programmable Search Engine control panel and in AdSense.

Publishers without existing monetized search engines will be unable to monetize their engines. Ads will continue to show on these engines, but revenue sharing will not be available while we are preparing for the new system to be implemented. In the future, the new system of monetization will be opened up to publishers on an invitation  only basis. 

For publishers that have at least one existing monetized search engine, there will be no change in behavior. These publishers will be able to monetize both existing and newly created engines.

What should I do next?

Please visit the community page for help with any other questions / concerns.

In light of the crisis in Ukraine, we are pausing Google’s monetization of Russian Federation state-funded media. 

We will continue to actively monitor the situation and make adjustments as necessary.

You can connect a Google AdSense account to your search engine to make money on contextually-relevant ads placed into the search results. Advertisers compete for placement in the search results, and when someone clicks on one of their ads, you can make a portion of the revenue.

If you don't already have an AdSense account, get one here. Once you've joined AdSense, you can make money off of your search engines by associated them with your AdSense account.

Before you begin, make sure that you are logged in with the same account you used to sign up for AdSense and that you are an owner of the search engine you want to link to your AdSense account.

Associate your search engine with Google AdSense:

  1. From the control panel, select the search engine you want to edit. 
  2. Click Setup from the menu on the left and then click the Ads tab. Only owners, not administrators can access this tab. 
  3. Click the Search Engine Monetization button to turn it ON. Your AdSense publisher ID associated with your Google account will appear on the page in a moment. Now, your search engine is associated with your AdSense Account.
    • Note: If you do not see Search Engine Monetization button, then it means that either you do not have an AdSense account or your AdSense account is pending approval. Please visit Google Help Center for more details.

Note that if you create a new AdSense account, you'll receive a confirmation email that you can use to activate your account. You won't start making money until you have completed this activation process.

Revenue is only shared for ads that appear using the Search Element deployed on your own site.. No revenue is shared if:

  • the user leaves your site; for example, by clicking on the Search on Google links,
  • or for ads shown on the public URL of search engines,
  • or for search engines that use the Google hosted layout.
Please review the developer site for more information on using the Search Element.
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