Getting started with Programmable Search Engine

Edit your search engine with the Control Panel

Anytime you want to make changes to an already existing search engine, you can do it through the Control Panel.

Access the control panel:

  1. From the Programmable Search Engine homepage, click Edit search engine to expand the navigation bar on the left.
  2. Select the name of the search engine you want to view or edit from the dropdown to open the Control Panel.

What can you do from the Control panel?

The control panel is divided into five panels, each with several tabs of options. Here's an overview of what you can do from each.

Panel What you can do there
Setup Change basics such as name and sites included in results, connect to AdSense, and manage who can edit your search engine.
Look and feel Choose the layout of your search box and results, choose from preset themes or manually choose the colors of different parts of your search engine, and toggle thumbnails in results.
Search features Enable features to make search more effective, such as promotions, refinements, autocomplete, and synonyms and more.
Statistics and logs View statistics about your search engine usage and integrate with Google Analytics for more detailed reporting.


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