Getting started with Programmable Search Engine

Create a search engine

To create a new Programmable Search Engine, all you have to do is choose which sites to search and give your search engine a name.

  1. From the Programmable Search Engine homepage, click Create a custom search engine or New search engine.
  2. In the Sites to search box, type one or more sites you want to include in the search results. You can include any sites on the web, even sites you don’t own. Don’t worry, you can always add more later.
  3. In the Name of the search engine field, enter a name to identify your search engine. For tips on naming your search engine, see Branding guidelines below. 
  4. Once you’re ready, click Create.

Advanced options: types

Under Advanced Options, you have the option to use types to include results on a specific topic. You can use types in two ways:
  • Include results with a type from certain sites 
    To limit your results to types from certain sites, add the sites you want to include to Sites to search and up to 10 types in Advanced options.
  • Include results with a type from the full web 
    To include any site on the web that contains the types you specified, leave Sites to search empty and add up to 10 types in Advanced options.

For more information on, see Use types to make a topical search engine

Branding guidelines

When naming your search engine, here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Avoid using "Google" in the name of your search engine.
  • Be sure any references to Google comply with the Google branding guidelines.
  • You can turn off Google Branding by customizing your search box from the Look and Feel section of the Google site search control panel.
  • Do not use other trademarked names unless you own them or have permission from the trademark owner to use them.
  • Try to keep the name of your search engine as short as possible (three or four words) because the name will fit more nicely on your search engine homepage and search results.
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