Programmable Search Element Paid API Search Result Problems

I'm seeing the error message “Search results are unavailable due to a quota problem with this search engine." when I try to access Programmable Search Engine results.

If you are not the engine owner or administrator:

Please contact the owner of the site to report this problem.

If you are the engine owner or administrator:

This error indicates either that the Google Cloud consumer project associated with the search engine is misconfigured or that the consumer project's daily quota is depleted.

First, as the owner of the Google Cloud project associated with this engine, review the Programmable Search Element Paid API set-up instructions to ensure that your project is configured correctly. In particular, ensure that you've created a billing account and linked your consumer project to this account.

Second, check your quota configuration. Navigate to the quota management page and compare the reported daily usage with the configured quota limit. Consider increasing this limit if you find that your usage exceeds it.

Finally, if you wish to return to the free ads-supported search element, navigate to the Programmable Search Engine control panel as the search engine owner. Select the "Setup" -> "Ads" section for your engine and delete your key from the "Programmable Search Element API key" field. 

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