Programmable Search Attribution API

The Programmable Search Attribution API is the only approved way to add Google Attribution to your Programmable Search Engine experiences outside of using the Search Element. Please read the Branding Guidelines for more details on where and how attribution should be used.


To create an attribution on the page, use the following code:

<script src="" targetId="divId"></script>

where "divId" is the id of a <div> element on your page.

The attribution will look like:


To create an attribution as a watermark in a search box, use the following code: 

<script src="" targetId="inputId"></script>            

where "inputId" is the id of a <input> element on your page.

The watermark attribution of a search box would look like:


By default, the Programmable Search Attribution API will use the detected language of the user's browser.  If you wish to force a specific language, add a hl attribute with a value of one of the supported language code values.  For example, to render in French:

<script src="" targetId="divId" hl="fr"></script> 


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