Google Wifi 產品資訊

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When using Google Wifi, make sure that the power adaptor is plugged into a socket near the router and is easily accessible.

Electric Shock and Heat

Do not expose Google Wifi or the power supply to water or extreme conditions. Take care while handling the power supply to avoid electric shock. To provide power to your Google Wifi, only use the power supply provided with your Google Wifi. Your Google Wifi may get hot to the touch, this is normal. Unplug your Google Wifi’s power supply and let it cool before handling. Google Wifi and its accessories are for indoor use only. Do not use the router or adaptor if they aren’t working properly or have been damaged or dropped. Pacemaker and Other Implanted Devices Google Wifi contains components that emit an electromagnetic field and could interfere with pacemakers or other electronic medical devices. Before using your Google Wifi, consult your physician or medical device manufacturer about the required minimum safe distance between Google Wifi and your medical device.

RF Exposure Information (MPE)

This device meets the EU requirements and the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) on the limitation of exposure of the general public to electromagnetic fields by way of health protection. To comply with the RF exposure requirements, this equipment must be operated in a minimum of 20 cm separation distance to the user.

使用裝置前,請查看 上的產品資訊、健康和安全資訊及操作指示。您亦可找到 有關有限保養的連結、有關 Google Wifi 的監管資訊及其 他支援資源。


使用 Google Wifi 時,請確保電源適配器已插入路由器附近 的插座,方便使用。


切勿讓 Google Wifi 或電源插頭沾濕或暴露於極端情況。 小心處理電源插頭,避免觸電。只可使用 Google Wifi 提供 的電源供應器為 Google Wifi 供電。Google Wifi 可能會變熱, 這屬正常現象。請先拔除 Google Wifi 的電源插頭,待裝置 散熱後才處理。Google Wifi 及其配件只能在室內使用。如果 路由器或變壓器出現故障、受損或摔跌,請勿繼續使用。


Google Wifi 含有釋放電磁場的元件,可能會干擾心臟起搏 器或其他醫療設備。請在 Google Wifi 之前,先諮詢醫生或 醫療裝置製造商,瞭解 Google Wifi 與醫療裝置之間最少應 保持的安全距離。

無線電頻率 (RF) 暴露量資料 (MPE)

此裝置符合歐盟和國際非電離輻射防護委員會 (ICNIRP) 就 保護公眾健康作出電磁場暴露量限制的要求。為符合無線 電頻率 (RF) 暴露量要求,本設備操作時必須與使用者相距 最少 20 厘米。

Product Disposal or Recycling

This label indicates that this product should not be disposed of with household waste. It should be deposited at an appropriate facility to enable recovery and recycling.