Nest Renew Premium Cancellation and Refund Policy

You may cancel Nest Renew Premium at any time before the due date on your monthly statement and you will no longer be charged automatically monthly. You can do this by canceling your Nest Renew Premium subscription in the Nest Renew web portal. If you need assistance, please contact Nest Renew support at .

Effective immediately upon your cancellation (or the deletion of your associated Google account, Google Pay account, or Google Home structure) or your selection to downgrade to Nest Renew Basic, your Nest Renew Premium services and benefits will no longer be provided including your Clean Energy Match.

If you have a payment in process at the time of cancellation, this payment will continue to be processed, during which time your Nest Renew Premium account will remain temporarily active for the purposes of completing this payment. The success or failure of that payment will be communicated to you via email. At that point, your Nest Renew Premium account will be canceled or downgraded to Nest Renew Basic as requested, and you will no longer be charged for Nest Renew Premium. 

Your Nest Renew Premium account will be automatically downgraded when your selected form of payment fails and is not updated within 7 days, or cancelled if you file a dispute or chargeback on the Nest Renew Premium payment.

The Nest Renew Premium service fee is non-refundable. There may be instances when you are entitled to a refund, such as (but not limited to) if you are charged erroneously for the Nest Renew Premium service fee. You can request this refund by contacting Nest Renew support at .

See additional terms related to disputation of charges and refunds in the Nest Renew Premium Additional Terms of Service.

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