Fix media issues

Google Play Newsstand’s general and technical guidelines help make sure that your content displays to your readers without errors. You can resolve most media errors quickly and easily by following best practices. This article provides steps to resolve 4 common media issues in your Newsstand articles.

Fix duplicate images

You may see a duplicate image error if you submit the same image more than once (e.g. multiple sizes or resolutions of the same image file).

To address this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. In Producer, go to Sections > {Section name} > Content source > Feed options and make sure you've checked the box next to Generate articles directly from feed.
  2. If the box next to Remove duplicate images by url isn't checked, check it and click Update
  3. If this update did not fix the issue, check the box next to Enable loose duplicate image matching and click Update

If these steps don't fix the issue, reach out to

Fix missing images

Make sure you provide images that are at least 800px on their shortest side. If an image is too small, we may not include it in your article.

If an image is the right size and included in your feed but does not appear in the Newsstand app, follow these steps:

  1. In Producer, under Sections > {Section name} > Content source > Feed options, check the boxes next to Generate articles directly from feed and Crawl for additional media (if it’s not already checked).
  2. Click Update. 
  3. If these steps didn’t fix the issue:
    1. See whether the Enable loose duplicate image matching box is checked. Try unchecking it.
    2. Click Update.
  4. If unchecking the box didn't fix the issue:
    1. Uncheck Remove duplicate images by URL.
    2. Click Update.

If these steps don’t fix the issue, reach out to

Fix low resolution images

If your images appear to be low resolution in the Newsstand app, make sure that each image you provide is at least 800px on its shortest side.

Review image guidelines in the Newsstand Help Center.

Fix missing or broken embedded media assets

Make sure you are embedding media assets that Newsstand supports by checking our feed guidelines.

If your media is supported:

  1. Make sure the media is embedded with the suggested method from our guidelines.
  2. Make sure the media is still available from the URL you provided. 

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