Fix article display issues

Google Play Newsstand’s general and technical guidelines help make sure your content displays to your readers without errors. You can resolve most errors quickly and easily by following those guidelines. This article provides steps to resolve 4 common issues with your Newsstand articles and feeds.

Fix stale content

If you’re providing fresh articles but the content in the Newsstand app looks stale, you have 3 options:

  1. Check your feed for errors using the Feed Validator.
  2. Check if robot.txt is blocking Newsstand crawler from crawling your feed.
    1. Go to [] where "" is your domain name.
    2. See if one of your feed’s parent folders is in the Disallow list.
    3. If a folder is in the Disallow list, remove it from the Disallow list using a command in your robot.txt file.
      Learn more about robot.txt syntax.
  3. Try manually updating the feed in Producer 

    1. Go to Sections > {Section name} > Content source > Feed options 

    2. Click Refresh now 

If these methods do not fix the issue, contact

Fix duplicate articles

If you see duplicate articles in your feed, make sure you’re following these guidelines:

  1. Include a <guid> tag with each article.
  2. Do not create a new <guid> tag each time you update an existing article.
  3. Provide a full URL to the original article in <guid> tags. You do not need to add the "isPermalink" attribute.
    1. If "isPermalink" is added, its value should be set to true. See the example below:


If the content of the <guid> tag is not the full URL of the original article, you should set the "isPermalink" attribute value to false.

Fix incomplete articles in your feed

Make sure that your entire article is inside <content:encoded> tags within your feed. If your original articles are complete but appear incomplete in your feed, follow the steps below:

  1. Declare  xmlns:content="" at the beginning of your feed.
  2. Open Producer and check the settings under Sections > {Section name} > Content source > Feed options.  Set the dropdown to Generate articles directly from feed.
  3. If these settings are correct, create a new section and upload the feed in the new section.

If the articles in your feed still appear incomplete, contact

Fix poor character encoding and stray HTML in an article

Follow these steps to make sure the character encoding on your website is the same as in your RSS feed:

  1. Open the article you’re having issues with on your website.
  2. In the page, right-click and select View page source from the dropdown.
  3. Find the value after charset=, which is the character encoding.
  4. Open your feed.
  5. On the first line of your feed, the value after encoding= is the character encoding.
  6. If the value is the same and there's still HTML (e.g: &#39; , &#2031; , &nbsp; , &euro; , etc.) in your Newsstand article that isn’t on the website, or you don't see any encoding preferences, check your RSS generator for issues.

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