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The way we serve ads on Google Play Newsstand is similar to they way we serve ads on a normal website. Google Play Newsstand supports ad-serving for:

  • Web using one of the following:
    • Ad Exchange (AdX) via DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) 
    • AdSense via DFP 
  • Mobile app using one of the following:

We support both the DFP premium solution and DFP Small Business.

The standard functionality you use for ads you serve on a website will continue to work for ads you serve within Google Play Newsstand. As a result, you can use the tools you're already using for campaign and budget management, targeting, and reporting.

If you don’t already have a DFP account, you can create one. Find "More Options" and click Create account.​

Supported ad formats

Google Play Newsstand supports medium rectangle ads of 300x250 pixels only.

You can create ads using HTML. We accept static images (GIF or PNG) and animated GIFs. Note: HTML5 ads may not work on older devices or earlier versions of software.

We recommend keeping file sizes for your creatives under 100 KB. Creatives greater than 100 KB may cause issues for users on slower mobile data networks.

The location of your ads within your articles can vary based on many factors, including the type of ad and length of your article. Learn how Google displays publisher-managed ads.

Configure your ads

To configure your ads, follow these steps:

In your DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) account:

  1. Sign in to your DFP account.
  2. Create or identify existing ad units to use in Newsstand considering our supported formats.

In Google Newsstand Producer:

  1. Sign in to Producer.
  2. Click Ads, then find Inventory.
  3. Under "Percentage of ads managed by Google", change the percentage to a number, up to 100. Keep in mind, you can’t go below the Google-sold ads percentage stated in your agreement. 
  4. Under “Fill remaining inventory with ads from your account,” check the box next to “Enable.” 
  5. Under Your Ads choose one option for ad-serving:
    • AdX
    • AdSense + AdMob 
  6. Under “Select your DoubleClick for Publishers account,” select the DFP account you’d like to use. 
  7. Enter your ad unit names: Ad units must start with an alphanumeric character.
    • If you use AdX: Enter the names of the ad units you set up in DFP for web ads and mobile. If you’ve configured the same ad unit in DFP to serve both web and mobile ads, you can specify the same unit for both web and mobile.
    • If you use AdSense + AdMob: Specify 2 ad units, one from DFP serving web ads from AdSense, and one from AdMob to serve mobile ads. The AdMob ad unit can be found in AdMob in this format: “ca-app-pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/yyyyyyyyyy”.
  8. You can target single sections in your edition with specific mobile ad units when using AdX. To activate this functionality, check the “Enable” box under “Configure mobile ad units by section”. You can then add separate ad unit names per section. If an ad unit isn’t specified for a section, we’ll use the edition level ad unit specified above.

We recommend you use separate ad units for Newsstand, if possible. If you use existing ad units that are shared across your other properties, Newsstand reporting will be less reliable. It takes a few hours for new ad units to start serving.  

See the FAQs for more about Google Play Newsstand publisher-managed ads.

If you have questions about how to set up ad units,  you can find more information in the DFP Help Center and the AdMob Help Center.

Set up Ad Exchange (AdX) for Newsstand

If you'd like to fill your Newsstand inventory through the DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX), follow these additional steps:

  1. Property setup: Set up a new piece of inventory as a site or ad unit in Ad Exchange.
    • For Android: You need a property of type Mobile in-app.
    • For iOS + Web: You need a property of type Web.
  2. Trafficking: Create an Ad Exchange line item in DFP or in DFP Small Business for the new inventory, selecting the appropriate property. Make sure the DFP line item targets the DFP ad unit for Newsstand that you set up in Producer.
    • For Android: Target Android devices.
    • For iOS: Target Apple iOS devices.

If you run into any issues, contact your Ad Exchange representative or consult the AdX Help Center.

If you’re using Network Partner Management in Ad Exchange, you may not be able to serve ads on Newsstand until you add Newsstand as a Network Partner. Learn how to add Network Partners.

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