Google Play Newsstand publisher-sold ad policy

What's the policy?

Publisher-sold ads on Google Play Newsstand are a premium advertising offering that provide additional revenue opportunities for publishers. This page covers the policies that apply specifically to publishers who want to sell ads on the Newsstand edition of their publication.

Google Play Newsstand ads must adhere to the policies outlined in our advertising policies. Newsstand ads must also follow these additional guidelines:

Per the Terms of Service, advertisements must be served through an integrated ad server and cannot be served as, for example, images embedded in your article content. This ensures that we can format your articles and ads properly for users across a variety of devices.

What happens if I violate this policy?

Failing to adhere to our ads policy guidelines may lead to an edition being removed from the Google Play Newsstand catalog, or otherwise losing exposure. Notifications about policy issues will typically follow the following process:

  • Warning: If an ad on your edition violates our policies for the first time, you will typically first receive a warning. If you receive a warning, please fix the policy violation immediately.

  • Suspension of publisher-sold ads on your edition and/or removal from the Newsstand catalog:

    • If you fail to fix a policy violation after receiving a warning.
    • If a second policy violation occurs after your edition has received a warning.
    • In some cases, after a serious first policy violation.
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