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Once your edition is complete, you can test it and make it publicly available.

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Setup and test

Although Google Play Newsstand Producer displays a preview of your edition as you build it, we recommend that you test a fully interactive version before distributing it.

Once you publish your edition, you can give a link to your users that will load it in their Google Play Newsstand app. You can also improve your chances of appearing as browsable in the catalog by ensuring that your edition follows our general and technical guidelines.

Google Play Newsstand testing

  1. Go to the Publish section of Producer.
  2. Select the type of testing you want to do (e.g., Google Play Newsstand Android testing).
  3. Subscribe to your edition by clicking the Subscribe button.
  4. Install the Google Play Newsstand app on your phone or tablet.
  5. Sign in to Google Play Newsstand using your administrator account email address.
  6. If you don't see your edition, sync your library.
  7. Open your edition from the Google Play Newsstand home screen to see ongoing updates.

Review warnings

Potential issues with your edition will be listed under Review warnings, along with links that allow you to provide any missing settings. We recommend you address all warnings before publishing your edition.


Once you're happy with your edition, you can launch it to Google Play Newsstand. You can either publish it immediately, or set a date and time (in GMT) at which the edition will launch.

To publish, go to the Publish section of Google Play Newsstand Producer and follow these steps:

  1. Click Set publication date settings, provide a date, and click the Publish button.

  2. Once you've published your edition, you'll be able to find your edition ID in the Producer URL.

    For instance, if the URL for your edition in Producer is!/r/edition:CJwejiiTWa:CAAqBwgKMNSGkAgwnZJ5/basics, your edition ID is CJwejiiTWa.

    The share link will then be of the form:

  3. When a reader opens the link on a supported device, they'll see a page describing the edition. They can tap the blue button labeled Read in Google Play Newsstand to open the edition in the Google Play Newsstand app.

  4. When they open the edition in Google Play Newsstand, they'll be invited to subscribe.

  5. Once you publish your edition, Google reviews it. You can share your edition through the share link, but users cannot yet discover it in the Newsstand app. Your edition will become discoverable once Google reviews and approves it per the Newsstand News Inclusion Guidelines

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Unpublish an edition

If you wish to remove your edition from the catalog, you can unpublish it:

  1. Open the edition in Producer.
  2. Click the Publish tab.
  3. Click the Set publication date button.
  4. Click Revoke this published edition.

Unpublishing an edition will remove it from users' libraries, and the edition will no longer be findable in the Google Play Newsstand app.

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