Gain readership

After you've published your edition, you can drive readership by encouraging your readers to install the Google Play Newsstand app and then follow your share link on their mobile devices in order to directly subscribe to your edition. When a reader opens the link in their mobile browser, they'll see a simple page describing the edition. They can tap the blue button labeled Read in Google Play Newsstand to open the edition in the Google Play Newsstand app and start enjoying your content.

We encourage you to share this link as broadly as possible. Advertise your edition on your website by displaying a button, link, or badge image that points to your distribution URL. (Download customizable Google Play Newsstand badge images.) You may also want to provide a QR code, which readers can scan with their mobile device's camera to open the link directly.

Google is constantly looking for terrific content to promote within Google Play Newsstand and make discoverable to users. As part of this effort, select editions are displayed in a catalog browsable by all Google Play Newsstand users, organized by category. We regularly review new editions, and will let you know if we've made your edition browsable and searchable in the catalog. You can also improve your chances of appearing as browsable in the catalog by ensuring that your edition follows our general and technical guidelines.

Get your edition's share link

  1. Find your edition's Producer URL. Once you've created your edition, look at the URL when your edition is open in Google Play Newsstand Producer. For instance, the URL might look like this:!/r/edition:CJwejiiTWa:CAAqBwgKMNSGkAgwnZJ5/basics
  2. Find your edition ID. The part of the URL between : symbols, highlighted above, is the edition ID. In this case, the edition ID is:
  3. Get your share link. Add the edition ID to In our example, the share link is:
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