Set up your account and magazine

Grant access to your edition

Grant access

If you want to allow other people to edit your edition, add them as Managers or Designers of the edition. They must have a Google Account, and you should add them using the email address of that Google Account. You are responsible for the actions or non-actions of all managers of the edition.

  • Which email address should managers and designers use to access Google Play Newsstand Producer?

    It isn't necessary to use a Gmail account. In fact, for people who will be managing an edition in a professional capacity, we recommend that they not set up access with a personal Gmail account.

    Instead, they can set up a Google Account with an existing email address (such as a work email address). This will make it easy for the Newsstand team to contact them at a business email address that they're monitoring.

  • Having trouble signing in to Producer with a Google Apps for Work account?

    Contact the administrator of your company's Google Apps for Work account. Ask them to enable the "Google Books" service for your account in the Google Admin console.

Access levels

Designers can access the following areas in Google Play Newsstand Producer:

  • Edition settings
  • Sections
  • Manage articles
  • Media library

Managers have access to all areas of Google Play Newsstand Producer.

Add a new access group

If you have a list of email addresses for users with Google Accounts who should be able to view a section, create a new access group and add them to it. You can then give the group access to view a particular section.

Once you've created an access group, you can add new members or delete existing ones.

Set access for individual sections

You can control who can view specific sections. The default is set to anyone, which makes the section publicly viewable.

If you prefer to restrict access to a section, you can change who can view it by either selecting Managers or creating a new access group. This may be useful if you are testing a new section that you're not yet ready to launch, or if you have a seasonal section that you'd like to hide for the time being.

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