Create your edition

Manage articles

After clicking Manage articles on the navigation menu, select a section in order to manually add an article or to edit the display and content of individual articles.

Create new article

Enter the content for and information about the new article.

Manage and enhance articles

Edit an article in this section by clicking its title. You can also delete it from the section by clicking the X next to the title. To reorder an article, click on the horizontal bars and drag it to its new location.

Options for editing depend on the section type, but may include the following:

  • Editing the title
  • Editing the subtitle
  • Editing the author
  • Editing the article body
  • Inserting media such as images or video

We generally recommend not making extensive edits to an article within section types that are constantly populated with more content (e.g., feeds), as older articles may eventually stop displaying in Google Play Newsstand.

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