Google Play Newsstand Producer overview

What Google Play Newsstand Producer is

Google Play Newsstand Producer is a production environment that helps publishers produce and monetize their existing content — specifically for distribution via phones and tablets. Within Producer, you can:

  • link to or import your existing content
  • make design decisions that automatically optimize your content so it can be simultaneously delivered to smartphones and tablets of all sizes and orientations
  • add multimedia elements optimized for smartphones and tablets
  • publish the result (we call it an "edition") into Google Play Newsstand--Google's magazine and news reader

Producer makes it easy for you deliver the best possible, high-performance experience to your users, who are increasingly spending their time on smartphones and tablets. Your users will enjoy the following features:

  • automatic page layout in both portrait and landscape modes for devices of all sizes
  • automatic content updates in the background
  • fast response times for all core interactions
  • offline access
  • integrated multimedia elements, including high-resolution images, videos, and audio
  • the ability to instantly share their favorite content with others

What Google Play Newsstand Producer isn't

Google Play Newsstand Producer is not an authoring or a content management tool (CMS). Your content (text, pictures, videos, audio) is created and managed elsewhere, then is pulled into or linked from Producer for mobile post-production.

Google Play Newsstand Producer is also not a tool for producing online websites optimized for PC browsers. The producer is solely focused on the mobile phone and tablet experience.

So keep this in mind--Producer is a production tool for optimizing your content and products for phones and tablets.

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