Update stats in your knowledge panel

This article explains how to update the stats that show up about your entity in the knowledge panel. After you’re verified as an official representative, use the Suggest a change option in the knowledge panel to ensure your data is accurate. All information published in knowledge panel cards is subject to Google's policies and user feedback.

How to get verified

To verify that you’re an authorized representative for the entity, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Google Search.
  2. Confirm that you have a knowledge panel by searching for yourself or the entity you represent.
  3. Provide additional information to help us verify who you are by filling out this form.

Note: You’ll hear from us once you are verified.

How to suggest a change

  1. Go to Google Search.
  2. Sign in to the Google Account associated with the entity that you represent.
  3. Check that your Web and app activity is turned on.
  4. Search for your topic on Google and find its knowledge panel.
  5. At the top of the card, click Suggest a change.
    If you do not see this option, Google does not recognize your Google Account as a verified representative of the entity. Follow the steps above to get verified.
  6. Click the information that you want to change.
  7. In the response box that opens, write a short description. Specifically, do the following:
    • Clearly state your suggested change.
    • Explain why your suggestion is correct and should replace the existing content.
    • Include a publicly accessible URL that confirms your suggested change.
  8. Click Send.

Changes you can suggest

You can suggest changes to the following content in your knowledge panel:

Featured image

As the topic's representative, if your suggested image is accepted, it takes priority over other images. Your suggested image must be appropriate, represent the topic well, and cannot be an ad. See the content policy for additional details.

Find your knowledge panel on Google Search. Click Suggest a change to provide a direct URL of the image.

  • Your image URL must end in .jpg or .png.
  • To copy an image's URL, right-click the image and click Copy image address (wording can vary by browser). Do not share the website URL where the image appears. 

Specific stats for various categories of entities

Some stats in the knowledge panel are specific to the type of entity (e.g. a movie’s run time or a person’s birthday). You can also suggest changes to these stats. 


Suggestions must follow Google's policies. For example, we might not make the change you suggest if it contains inappropriate content or if we can't confirm its accuracy.

Changes you cannot suggest

Some parts of the knowledge panel cannot be changed, such as:

  • Subtitle
  • Wikipedia snippet
  • Images other than the main image
  • People also search for section

Note: Content cannot be re-ordered or hidden if it’s accurate and publicly known. 

How Google reviews your suggestions

After you suggest changes, your suggestions go through an objective review.

During this review, Google checks your suggested changes for accuracy by checking if they’re confirmed by other publicly available information on the web. When prompted, provide supporting documentation in the form of a publicly accessible webpage URL. All information published in knowledge panel cards is subject to Google's policies and user feedback.

Note: If accepted, your suggested edit is added to the Knowledge Graph, where it will help Google return richer information and more meaningful results to users’ queries. Your submission is governed by Google's Terms of Service and will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. For a legal issue, make a legal removal request.

After review is complete, we inform you by email if we intend to publish your suggested change.

If the information in your knowledge panel is clearly wrong, click Leave general feedback. Before submitting to Google, describe what’s wrong and support your suggestion with a publicly accessible webpage URL.

 If you have any questions, please contact us.

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