How do I order and add users?

Ordering Your Users

If you ordered and activated Postini services online, or if you received a notification with instructions for setting up a Postini Billing Account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Billing Account. You can access your Billing Account at Don't forget to replace with your own domain name.

    Note:   If you need help logging in, see Forgetting Your User Name or Password for instructions.

  2. From the Domain settings page, click Add more licenses.
  3. Purchase more user licenses, as needed. Google prorates your charges for additional user licenses. See How Prorated Pricing Works for Postini.

You can log in to your Billing Account to purchase additional user licenses at any time, as well as check your total number of user licenses. The terms and conditions of your original order apply to all new licenses you add.

Adding Your Users

To add users, use the Administration Console. View the step-by-step instructions for Message Filtering, Message Security, Message Discovery, or watch a quick video. If your revised bill is more than $1500 USD (or equivalent), you are eligible to receive additional technical support options. For more information, please contact Enterprise Sales.