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Video Tutorials

This Help Center article is for Postini, a suite of Google services that's now discontinued. If you're searching for instructions related to Google Apps, see the Google Apps Help Center. For instructions related to Google Apps Vault, see the Vault Help Center.

Check out these on-demand videos to get the most from your Message Security and Compliance Service. Scroll down to also find resources you can provide for your users, to help them get started with the service, too.

If you prefer to learn in a live training environment, try one of our instructor-led webinars.

Getting Started

Watch these short e-learning courses to get up to speed quickly.

  Message Security: Technical Overview & Administration
This tutorial provides in-depth training on configuring the Message Security service, nuts to bolts. Topics include how the service works, configuring server alerts, managing user accounts, adding domains, configuring filtering policies and best practices. (34 minutes)

  Postini Mail Delivery Architecture
This tutorial provides comprehensive training on the Postini mail delivery architecture including how message routing works, considerations for mail flow design, comparison of Postini standalone to Postini integrated with Google Apps for Work, as well as configuring split delivery to deploy Google Apps. (31 minutes)

  Message Security Activation Overview
This tutorial gives you a comprehensive overview of the steps involved in activating your Message Security service, including receiving your activation email messages, completing the Setup and Activation wizard, and changing your MX records. (10 minutes)

  Understanding and Working with MX Records
This tutorial helps demystify MX records and shows you why updating them is required for activation. It also includes a worksheet for gathering the information you need to update your MX records, as well as links to other helpful resources. (15 minutes)

  Successfully Deploying Message Security
This tutorial provides an overview of the steps to successfully deploy the Google Message Security services and describes the online resources that can help you complete each step. (7 minutes)

  Administration Console Basics
This tutorial covers common administrative tasks, such as locating user accounts, adding alias addresses, changing a user's password, adding a user, and viewing reports. (9 minutes)

  Customizing the User Experience
This tutorial discusses how to customize your users' experience by choosing features and options for the Message Center, Quarantine Summary, and Notifications. (6 minutes)

  Message Discovery: Technical Overview & eDiscovery Tools
This tutorial provides an overview of Message Discovery. Topics include how the service works with a standalone server as well as with Google Apps, and an introduction to the eDiscovery tools that let you conduct searches, investigations, and litigation holds, run audits, and export messages from the archive. (11 minutes)

  Message Discovery: Configuring Journaling to Archive All Messages
This tutorial provides an overview of the system requirements, steps, and best practices for configuring journaling on your mail server to archive all messages. For Message Discovery only. (12 minutes)

  Message Continuity Technical Overview & Administration
This tutorial provides a comprehensive overview of Google Message Continuity including how Message Continuity works, system requirements, and the steps to configure the key components of the service: Google Apps Mail, Postini dual delivery, and the Continuity Sync server. (20 minutes)

Show Me How to...

Learn how to perform common administrative tasks, and discover key features in the Administration Console.

  Add Users, Aliases, and Mailing Lists
Learn how to add your users, aliases, and mailing (distribution) lists so they are protected from spam or by any custom rules you want to define. (4 minutes)

  Add Domains and Domain Aliases
Learn how to add your domains and domain aliases so they are protected from spam or by any custom rules you want to define. (4 minutes)

  Add Administrators
Learn how to add administrators so you can delegate administration of your servers, domains, users, and quarantines. (5 minutes)

  Search Your Message Archive
Learn how to search and recover messages for users from your corporate archive. For Message Discovery only. (5 minutes)


Resources for Your Users

  Email Security Tour
An animated tour introducing your users to the service and how it works.

  Message Center FAQ
An interactive FAQ providing users with details on using the Message Center.

  Message Center Quick Start

A concise guide for using the Message Center and Quarantine Summary. You can use the Microsoft Word version to customize the content for your users.

  Personal Archive Quick Start (for Message Discovery Package)

 Online Help

The Message Center includes comprehensive online help in English, French, German, and Japanese. To access it, users can simply log in to their Message Center and click the Help button on any page.

Email Templates

Use these customizable email templates to welcome users to their new message security service.

Download Templates (ZIP file)


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