Message Header Analyzer: Which sample messages are eligible for submission to Spam Engineering?

A sample for submission to Postini Spam Engineering must meet the following criteria:

  • Include the original complete email message (cannot be a message that was forwarded inline).
  • In .msg, .eml, .mbox or RFC 5322/MIME format.
  • The message was filtered by Postini service.
  • The message did not triggered the Virus or Content Manager filters.
  • The spam score was above the configurable range (scores over 2.0000).
  • Files in .msg files format that contain multiple embedded .msg file attachments are not supported.

The Message Analysis Summary confirm whether the sample was submitted to Spam Engineering. Please note: you will not receive a response to your samples, but we do appreciate your time and effort in submitting the samples. Spam Engineering will use the sample files to improve the Postini filtering.