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Postini Service Renewals

This Help Center article is for Postini, a suite of Google services that's now discontinued. If you're searching for instructions related to Google Apps, see the Google Apps Help Center. For instructions related to Google Apps Vault, see the Vault Help Center.

If you purchased your service online after February 18, 2009, your account is automatically renewed based on your renewal start date, and based on the number of users at the time of your order. If you later added users, your account will be renewed based on that higher number of users. For details and general information about ordering and billing, see the Postini Ordering and Billing FAQ.

Your account will also be set for automatic renewal if you recently received a notification to create a Billing Account. Remaining Postini customers will receive this notification at a later date as we continue to improve our ordering, upgrading, and renewal process.

To change or review your renewal settings:

  1. Log in to your Billing Account. You can access your Billing Account at Don't forget to replace with your own domain name. 
  2. Click the Domain Settings tab along the blue bar.
  3. Click Account Information.
  4. Check your settings in the Automatic renewal section of this page.

The default setting on this page is for automatic renewal. However, if you don't want to renew your service, you can choose the manual setting.

Non-Renewals and Payment Failures

If you do not automatically renew your subscription for Postini, or if your automatic renewal fails due to a payment-processing problem (for example, an expired credit card), there are time periods in effect during which you are notified of the lapse of your subscription, and during which you can renew your subscription.

If your payment information fails, you can update your billing information by creating a Billing Account and adding updated credit card information. Otherwise, your account will go through the Grace and Suspension process described below. You will receive a notification from Google Checkout.

Grace Period

Up to 30 days after your renewal 

Administrator access to the Control Panel and you have full access to all features. At any time, you can change your MX records to redirect mail from the Postini servers to end your service. 

Suspension Period

31 days to 60 days after your renewal date

Mail will continue to flow through the Postini service. However, your account doesn't receive any of the anti-spam and anti-virus protection, and any email or encryptiopn policies you created (for attachment, content, or TLS encyption) are not enforced.

Administrators have full access to the Administration Console, and users have access.

During this suspension period, administrators have full access to the Control Panel, but neither administrators nor users have any access to Google Apps. At anytime, you can change your MX records to redirect mail from the Postini service, and discontinue flowing mail through Postini service.  

Account Deactivated

After 60 days past your renewal date 

Your mail will stop flowing through the Postini service. To avoid an interrruption in your mail delivery, you should redirect your MX records away from the Postini servers. 

Google reserves the right to delete your account and its data any time beyond 60 days past your renewal date. 

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