Activation Help: Checking Your Activation Email

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After placing your order through Google Checkout, you'll receive an activation email. Both email addresses that you specified on the signup page will receive this email. Keep your activation email handy, as it contains links and login information to your Billing Account and Admin Account. This information is displayed at the bottom half of your activation email, as shown below.

Use your Billing Account login to complete your activation, check the status of your activation, and to access your Domain Settings page.

Use your Admin Account to test your MX records, add users, and adjust the settings for your service -- but only after you change your MX records and your activation is complete.

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FAQs and Troubleshooting

What if my user name and password aren't working for my Billing Account?

Be sure you log in with the correct account. When you sign up and activate the message security service, you will have two accounts: your Billing Account and your Admin Account. Your Billing Account enables you to log in to your Domain Settings page (as displayed above), as well as your MX records page. Your Admin Account enables you to log in to the Administration Console. Login information for both accounts is displayed in your activation email.

How can I return to my Billing Account once I close the browser window?

If you did not bookmark your Domain Settings page when you set up your Billing Account, you can find a link to the login page for your Billing Account near the top of your activation email.

You can also access your new Billing Account at Don't forget to replace with your own domain name.

I can't seem to access my Billing Account through my Google login. What's happening?

You may be logged in to your Google Checkout account or a separate Gmail account, or you may be accessing the login page for Google Checkout or for a separate Gmail account. So make sure you are accessing the correct login URL. You can find a link to the login page for your Billing Account near the top of your activation email.