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Forgetting Your User Name or Password

This Help Center article is for Postini, a suite of Google services that's now discontinued. If you're searching for instructions related to Google Apps, see the Google Apps Help Center. For instructions related to Google Apps Vault, see the Vault Help Center.

After successfully signing up for Postini, you'll receive your activation email. Keep this email available, as it contains your user names and passwords for both your Billing Account and your Admin Account.

Note: Your Billing Account gives you access to your Domain Settings page and your MX record information. Your Admin Account (or Service Account) enables you to log in to the Administration Console to complete the setup of your service and to adjust settings.

Your activation email (example shown below) is sent to the email addresses that you specified on the Signup page. If the login information in your activation email doesn't seem to work, be sure you are logging in with the correct account and that you have used the correct login URL.

About Your Admin Account Password

If you lose your activation email and forget your Admin Account password, you may need to reset your password from the Administration Console login page. A "Forgot your password?" link will be displayed if you have an unsuccessful login attempt. Click this link to reset your password.

To help ensure delivery of the password reset email, please ensure that your mailhost is configured to accept traffic from the Postini IP range. Password reset messages and Quarantine Summary emails are delivered to your inbox from a sending address from your domain, although from a different IP address. Certain mailhosts trigger this behavior as spammy. A possible solution is to create an exception allowing traffic from Postini's address space.

Please also ensure that your Administrator account is properly configured as the "Support Contact" in "General Settings" for a specific level in your hierarchy.

Please also ensure that your mailhost has a proper A Record, pointing toward the mailhost's IP address. In case of a delivery failure, the Postini systems will first turn to the IP address of your mailhost.

Note: If you are still activating your service, see the Activation Step-by-Step Guide for more instructions.

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