Setting multiple addresses for Policy Enforced TLS alerts

Question: How can I set up multiple recipients for Policy Enforced TLS Alerts?

Solution: Policy Enforced TLS alerts can only be sent to one email address. In order to send TLS alerts to more than one administrator address, we suggest creating a distribution list on your local mail server, adding all of the intended recipients to this list, and then configuring this list address as the recipient for TLS alerts.

Note: The recipient address used for TLS alerts must have a Postini user account, and must also have administrative rights. The address must be the administrator's primary address and not an alias, so the distribution list must be added as a primary user and granted administrative rights in order to be used as the TLS alert address.

You can find complete information about TLS alerts in the Encryption Administration Guide:

Editions: This article is intended for administrators using Message Encryption. If you're using another edition, your service may include different features from those described in this article.
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