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Submit spam samples

This Help Center article is for Postini, a suite of Google services that's now discontinued. If you're searching for instructions related to Google Apps, see the Google Apps Help Center. For instructions related to Google Apps Vault, see the Vault Help Center.

How to submit a spam sample

Submitting a spam sample to Postini Spam Engineering is easy:

  1. Go to
  2. Make sure the Spam radio button is selected next to What are you submitting.
  3. Check the box next to Submit eligible Spam Samples to our Engineers?
  4. Click the Browse or Choose File button to select a message file* to upload.
  5. Click the Analyze Message button to submit the spam sample.

*Note: a sample for submission to Postini Spam Engineering must meet the following criteria:

  • Include the original complete email message (cannot be a message that was forwarded inline)
  • In .msg, .eml, .mbox or RFC 5322/MIME format
  • Filtered by Postini service
  • The message did not trigger the Virus or Content Manager filters
  • The spam score was above the configurable range (scores over 2.0000)
  • Must not contain multiple embedded .msg file attachments

How we use the sample files

Postini Spam Engineering uses the sample files to improve overall filtering, so you might not notice an immediate change for your domain.

Will I receive a response to my spam sample submission?

The Message Analysis Summary confirms whether or not your submission was successful, but only if your submission meets the criteria described above. If your submission does not meet the above criteria, a confirmation message is not displayed. Note that you will not receive a personalized response from a Postini Spam Engineer. Please know that we appreciate your time and effort in submitting the samples.

For a checklist of security best practices and links to other important resources for your service, visit Postini Security Central.
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