Sharing with Poly

Poly offers several options for sharing 3D content. To see sharing options, click Share on the Poly view page. From the dialog, you can copy a URL to the Poly view page.

Share to social media

You can share Poly content to your Facebook and Twitter feeds by clicking the respective icons in the sharing options.

Share to Expeditions

For Tours created in Tour Creator, an option for sharing the Tour with the Expeditions app will appear. Tours shared with Expeditions will appear in your Expeditions Library and your Poly likes page. Sharing a Tour will create your public Poly profile and send a notification to the Tour's creator.

Embed content in your website

To create an HTML snippet for use in your web page code, click Embed.

There are two options for embedding:

  • Poly viewer embed:  Get the Poly viewer code and matching settings from the Poly view page.
  • Model-viewer embed: Get code that uses the model-viewer web component.

Learn how to customize the snippet and more about model viewer.

To include the 3D content in your website, copy and paste the embed code from the snippet window and add it to your website code.