Tools for designating websites and applications as child-directed

Global privacy laws, including the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), apply to entities such as websites and applications that target or direct themselves to children. Developers and publishers of child-directed websites and applications are responsible for using Google services according to their obligations under the law and in compliance with Google policies. Note that the definition of “child” varies under applicable law(s), including under COPPA and GDPR.

Google offers developers and publishers tools, listed below, to manage the designation of a website or an application as child-directed or not child-directed, in whole or in part, for the purposes of children’s privacy laws.

It is important for developers and publishers to also be aware that even without notice from them, in some cases Google may begin to treat their application or website as child-directed pursuant to Google’s own legal obligations.

Developer/Publisher Tools

Google offers developers/publishers the following tools to manage the designation of a website or an application as child-directed or not child-directed to Google in whole or in part for the purposes of children’s privacy laws. Please note these tools do not relieve any particular developer/publisher of its own legal obligations.

  • Websites
    • To tag or untag a website as child-directed in whole or in part, please visit the Search Console Help Center and follow the Tag For Child Directed Treatment link to Webmaster Tools, where you will be able to verify ownership and manage the designation of the website.

Policies and Tools Applicable to Child-Directed Developers/Publishers

Various Google offerings, including Ads, Google API Services, Maps, YouTube, and Play, may also require developers/publishers to comply with specific policy requirements in order to address children’s privacy laws. Please review the resources below for additional information:

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