What is Google's "See What's in Store" (SWIS)?

SWIS displays your in-store products on your Business Profile on Google. Your Business Profile already shows useful store information like opening hours and contact details, so SWIS gives shoppers another way to find your products/store.

See an example of SWIS below, on desktop and mobile:

If you're based in the US and would like to see SWIS in action, have a look at Cliff's Variety, a Pointy retailer using the feature. 

When a shopper clicks on a product on the Business Profile, they're taken to an automatically created Local Storefront page where they can see more product info or get directions on Google Maps to come to your store to buy the product. Products on SWIS also have stock status labels: 'in stock' and 'limited stock' to help shoppers make a purchasing decision.

Where can SWIS surface? 

SWIS generally surfaces in three places:

  1. On a retailer’s Business Profile on Google. 
  2. In the Local Universal 3-pack. The Local Universal 3-pack is a map with a set of three results.

Shoppers can see SWIS in results when they make searches for a particular store name (presuming the store has SWIS enabled), a product or chain. 

How do I set up SWIS?

A note: retailers using SWIS can opt out of showing prices by contacting support@pointy.com. Pointy recommends showing prices.

For instructions setting up SWIS, please see the following links: