The Pointy box is not connecting

What to do if you see a flashing green light after installation

If you see a blinking light, the Pointy box is attempting to connect to the cellular network. If the light is not solid green after 30 minutes, try these steps:


  • It is best to avoid having the Pointy box located under or behind anything that might block the signal. Try moving the box away from other electronic devices and/or above the counter.
  • If your box has an antenna, make sure it's in a vertical position. 
  • Try positioning the box so that the Pointy label is facing the nearest external window or door.
  • Keep the Pointy box connected overnight. It might just need some time to find a signal.


The Pointy Box is still flashing


If Pointy hasn't connected to the network after 2 days:


  • Unplug the Pointy box from the scanner and POS.
  • Find the nearest power outlet close to a window.
  • Plug the Pointy box into a powered USB port (for example, a smartphone charger) via the blue USB cable.
  • Once the light on the Pointy box goes green, reconnect it to the POS and scanner.



How do I know if the Pointy Box has connected?

Status light


Solid green light: The Pointy box is connected to the cell network and ready to transmit barcodes.

Blinking green light: The Pointy box is searching for a cellular network. This is an automated process that may happen a few times during the day depending on the reception in the area where the Pointy Box is installed. 

Blinking purple light: The Pointy box is charging. 

No light: The Pointy box has no power. Double check the connections.


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  1. Your store name.
  2. The make and model of your barcode scanner.
  3. The make and model of your POS system.
  4. A brief description of the issue you’re facing.



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