Pointy Box Status Light

What does the lights on the Pointy Box mean?

All versions of the Pointy Box have a small LED light that indicates its current status:



When you install the Pointy box, a solid green light should be visible. This indicates that the device is online and ready to transmit barcodes.



If the green light is flashing it means that box is searching for a cellular network to connect. This is an automated process that may happen a few times during the day depending on the reception in the area where the Pointy Box is installed. 




The initial connection of a 4G Pointy Box always results in a flashing purple light until the battery charges past a point that allows it to connect with the cellular network and upload your product scans. 

After its activation the Pointy Box may repeat this process regularly and the scans received during the charging cycle will be transmitted once the device has reconnected with a cellular network (solid green light). 

In some cases this can last up to a day and the Pointy Box must remain connected between your POS system and a barcode scanner the entire time.

If Pointy hasn't connected to the network (no solid green light)  after 3 days, please follow the instructions on the related articles: 




If you see no light at all, that means that the Pointy Box has no power. Please click the relevant link below to see installation instructions for your barcode scanner and make sure the Pointy box is connected accordingly.

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