I don't have a USB barcode scanner

The Pointy Box is a universal device that can be connected to the majority of barcode scanners by offering a number of different adapter kits to match the connection type.


The default kit that gets sent out is a standard USB plug, the most popular connection type for barcode scanners . 

For this connection you only need the Blue USB to Micro-USB cable that was provided with the Pointy box, no other adapter is needed.



If you find that your barcode scanner does not use a standard USB connection, start by tracing the cable from your barcode scanner handle to where it plugs into your POS system.


Another common connection type is Serial, also known as RS232 - this connection type has 2x tightening screws at both sides of the plug and 9x pins inside. It’s often compared to a DVI cable for screens.



The next possible connection type is CAT5/RJ45  - this connection type resembles a phone or an Ethernet cable. Your barcode scanner cable will have this connection on both ends, the handle and the end that plugs into your POS.



The last choice is a PS2 connection, which is circular in shape and has been used to connect keyboards and mice in older computers and may be attached to a splitter of some sort. This connection type is quite old.



If you find yourself in need of one of these adapters to match your barcode scanner connection, don’t hesitate and contact Pointy Support at support@pointy.com outlining the store information and the required connection type needed to get you started!


To see more about installing Pointy:

Alternatively, to sign up to Pointy visit the Pointy homepage.  

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