Capture the local retail comeback: FAQ

Why you received a Pointy box

As part of Google's drive to help retailers capture the local retail comeback, your store has received a Pointy box free of charge.

Pointy from Google allows you to display your store inventory on Google and helps you to attract customers, as people searching on Google will be able to see what you stock in your store. They'll also see your contact details and operating hours and be able to come in-store to buy from you.

How Pointy works

Pointy helps local shoppers find the products they need in physical stores. Pointy connects to your point of sale system and automatically adds your in-store inventory to Google.


Watch the short video below to see how it works:

Pointy from Google - how it works

How to install Pointy

It's very simple to connect Pointy. You should find step-by-step instructions in the pack we sent you; alternatively take a look below.

For USB scanners:

  • Disconnect your barcode scanner from your POS (note the USB port you removed it from).

  • Plug the large end of the USB lead we provided into this port, and plug the small end into the Pointy box.

  • Now plug your barcode scanner into the Pointy box.

Please note that by connecting the Pointy box to your point of sale, you will share data with Pointy from Google (a Google company) and you will be accepting our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy

If you don’t have a USB barcode scanner and require an adapter, please contact to order one and we will ship it to you free of charge.

If you think you’ve been sent the Pointy box in error or you’re not interested in your products appearing on Google, you can find instructions on how to return it in this article on our Help Center or visit ​​

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