Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) integration troubleshooting

If we aren't receiving data from your Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series), please follow the below troubleshooting steps.

Adding UPC barcodes to your Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series)

Pointy integrates with your Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) by collecting your product barcode numbers and finding an image and description to match each one. Therefore, for Pointy to work well, your Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) inventory needs to have associated barcode numbers. These must be manufacturer codes (UPC or EAN codes), rather than codes you have created yourself.

Learn how to add UPC barcodes on Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) and get your products on Pointy.

Changes to your POS

Have you upgraded your Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) recently or made any changes to your setup? The link from Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) to Pointy might not be active because of account changes. Please follow the link below to reactivate your account. 

Sales data

For Pointy to work, we need to see frequent sales data for UPCs from your Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series). Are you currently using Lightspeed Retail POS (R-Series) to process sales? 


If your issue is still unresolved, email with:

• Your store name

• A brief description of the issue you’re facing


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