How does budgeting work for Pointy ProductAds?

When setting up your ads, you choose a daily budget e.g. $5 per day, and the distance around your store that you want the ads to show, e.g. 5 miles.

We then create Google Ads campaigns for your products on Pointy. 

Google Ads uses a live bidding marketplace to determine which ads to display for each search. You can read more about Google Ads' bidding on Google Ads Help

Because Google Ads is a competitive marketplace, your ads may not be displayed (e.g. another ad has a greater budget), therefore some days your daily budget may not be spent. In this instance, we may spend up to double the daily budget on any given day if previous spending has been lower than the daily budget.

However, the average daily spend for the month will never go above the daily budget. This means that if you set your budget to $5 per day you will not be charged more than $5 x 30/31 days in any given month. 

Ads are charged on a per click basis. This means you'll only be charged if someone clicks on one of your ads. The cost per click for each product advertised using Google Ads is calculated by many factors.

As it is a competitive bidding environment, the impact of each factor constantly changes. Examples of factors which impact the cost per click include the number of other bidders for the same keywords, the popularity of the search term, the time of day, the budget allotted for each ad and the bidding strategy. 

Please see Google Ads Help for more information

A note: When using the Pointy ProductAds tool, we use the term ‘Click’ to define when someone clicks an ad and visits your Pointy Page. 

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 *In countries where the CSS program is available, Shopping ads can be used with any Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) you work with. The ads will show on general search results pages and on any other surfaces the CSS has opted in to. CSS Program countries can be found in this help center article

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