What are the features of Pointy?

The Pointy Page

Show up-to-date product inventory and stock status for your in-store products on your store’s Pointy Page. Shoppers can see your products and their stock status and get directions to come in-store to buy from you. 

See Knudson Lumber Co.'s Pointy Page here. 

See What's in Store (SWIS)

Display your in-store products on your Business Profile so shoppers can see the products you have in your store. They can search for a particular item or browse your inventory. Your products will also have a better opportunity to show up in product-related searches. 

See an example of a Pointy retailer using SWIS here


Attract nearby shoppers to your store by creating ads for your products in two clicks. Ads can show up in search results on Google.

These ads come in two types:

You'll also get access to the retailer dashboard, where you can update your store information, link to SWIS, or see data including your most popular products.