Will items stay on my Pointy Page if I no longer sell them?

When you no longer sell an item, Pointy's algorithm should recognize that the product is out of stock and stop showing it on your Pointy Page. 

However, there may be a delay between when the product sells out and is removed from your Pointy Page. As the system is automated, we need to ensure that the item is no longer available before we remove it entirely. As such, we have a number of stock status states to inform customers of the likelihood of its availability before they make the trip to your store. 

On the Pointy Page, we inform the customer whether the product is "In Stock", or "Out of Stock". In some cases, if we can't determine the availability of a product, we'll use the tag "Unknown availability". This could be a product that is scanned very infrequently or with a lack of regularity. 

Reliable source of product information for customers

Our goal is to create a reliable service for consumers, so products that have not been scanned for a very long period will first be described as "Out of Stock" and then later automatically removed from your Pointy Page.

The exact period depends on the expected sales frequency of the product, and is designed to only remove products that are no longer on sale. We do this to ensure that consumers using Pointy have an accurate picture of the products that are available in your shop. You can easily return a product to your Pointy Page - simply scan it again to indicate that it’s in stock.

You can also manually remove a product from your Pointy Page by doing the following:

  • Just log in to your Pointy Page and mark the product as not for display. Beside every item you will find a button that lets you remove it with one click.
  • Choose the relevant product (you can find products using the 'search this shop' option).
  • Click the 'Modify Product' button.
  • Click 'Yes, Remove this Item' under the 'Don't show this product anymore' section.