What is Pointy?

Pointy from Google helps local shoppers find the products they need in physical stores. Pointy connects to your point of sale system and automatically adds your in-store inventory to Google. 

Watch the short video below to see how it works:

Pointy from Google - how it works

Your inventory can show up on surfaces including: 

The Pointy Page

As you scan your products, they’re uploaded to your store’s Pointy Page. This is an online product catalog that shows shoppers up-to-date product info for your store along with your contact details and opening hours. The Pointy Page is not an e-commerce solution; instead it’s been built with local retailers in mind. It shows shoppers the products you carry and allows them to get directions so they can come in-store to buy from you. 

See Knudson Lumber Co.'s Pointy Page here. 

See What's in Store (SWIS)

When you link your Pointy Page to your Google My Business account, your products are automatically uploaded to the See What’s In Store (SWIS) section of your Business Profile on Google. 

Shoppers will see up-to-date inventory when they search for your store name on Google. 

Free local listings

When you link your Pointy Page to your Google My Business account, your products can also automatically appear on local listings across Google. This means your in-store products can appear in unpaid (non-ad) product results across Google surfaces. Your products will also have a better opportunity of showing up in product-related search results. 

See examples of a Pointy retailer appearing on free local listings:


You can attract nearby shoppers to your store by running ads for your products on Google. In two clicks, you can create highly relevant ads for your products that will show up in search results when shoppers search for them on Google. 

These ads come in two forms:

You'll get access to the retailer dashboard, where you can update your store information, link your Pointy Page to your Google My Business account, or see data including your most popular products. 

We have in-house Support and Success teams if you need any help along the way.

How to get Pointy

You have two ways to connect Pointy to your point of sale system: 

  • Pointy box: Plugs in between your barcode scanner and point of sale system.
  • POS app: Integrates directly with your point of sale system.

Once you've connected Pointy to your POS, scan your products same as you do every other day, and the info is uploaded to Google. 

To see more about installing Pointy:

Alternatively, to sign up to Pointy visit pointy.withgoogle.com. 

Who’s eligible

Important: To check if you’re eligible for Pointy, go to Pointy.com. Pointy is generally available for:

  • Businesses in the US, CA, UK, IE, AU.
  • Retailers with physical stores who use wired barcode scanners or compatible point of sale systems and sell products  with manufacturer (UPC/EAN) barcodes. To check technical requirements, contact the Pointy team.

Tip: Some Pointy functionality may only be available in certain countries.