How to install Pointy for Clover

Pointy is available as a free download direct to your Clover point of sale system.

Download Pointy and scan your products as normal to add them to your product catalog and to your Business Profile on Google. They will also have a better opportunity of showing up in product-related searches on Google.

An optional premium feature is ProductAds, where you can create ads for all your products in two clicks.

Note: In order for Pointy to work for your store, you must be using UPC/EAN barcodes on your products.

How to install Pointy on Clover

  • Go to, click the button, and fill in the form. 
  • You'll get a verification email from Pointy confirming your Pointy Page is automatically created.

Alternatively, on your POS, go to "More tools", search "Pointy" and click "connect". You can also navigate to, log in and search for Pointy.  

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