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Get your podcast on Google
If you are using a podcast hosting provider such as Anchor or Podbean, you may not be able to follow the instructions below. In that case, follow the instructions on Get your hosted podcast on Google.

Here is an overview of the steps for getting your podcast on Google. Each step will be explained in detail later.

  1. Read the prerequisites listed below.
  2. Create an RSS feed that follows Google's guidelines. This feed describe your podcast and episodes to Google. (If you're using a podcast hosting provider, your provider probably did this for you.)
  3. Create a dedicated homepage that points to your feed, and follows Google's guidelines. This is not required, but is strongly recommended.
  4. Get your podcast indexed. If you have a dedicated homepage, you can either wait until Google finds and indexes your homepage and RSS feed naturally, or you can tell Google about your page to ensure crawling; if you have no dedicated homepage, you should manually request indexing of your RSS feed by Google.

If all goes well, a new podcast should be available on Google within a week.


  • If you're using a podcast hosting provider, such as Anchor or Podbean, follow the instructions on Get your hosted podcast on Google. Otherwise, you need to be comfortable creating or editing RSS feed files. If you don't understand RSS, you can either learn about it yourself or find a web developer who can create the feed for you.
  • For an optimal experience, you'll also need to understand some basic HTML coding, and be able to modify the HTML code of your podcast's homepage.
  • Do not mix http and https resources. If your content is served from mixed protocols, your users can have a bad playback experience in Chrome browsers as well as other playback devices. Mixed content is when an HTTP page includes HTTPS resources, or an HTTPS page includes HTTP resources. Bad experiences include popup warnings and blocked playback. Therefore, we recommend that your RSS feed, podcast homepage, and all linked audio resources be served from HTTPS addresses.


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