Google Podcasts Manager users can now upload their podcasts to YouTube with RSS upload. Learn more here


Advanced users

If you manage your RSS files yourself, or if you're using a podcast hosting service but want to know more details, here is an overview of the steps for getting your podcast on Google. Each step will be explained in detail later.

  1. Understand the prerequisites for appearing on Google Podcasts
  2. Create an RSS feed that follows Google's guidelines.
  3. Create a homepage that links to your feed, and follows Google's guidelines. This is not required, but is strongly recommended.
  4. Get your podcast indexed by Google. If you have a properly linked podcast homepage (step 3), you can either wait until Google finds and indexes your homepage and RSS feed naturally, or you can explicitly tell Google about your feed. If you have no dedicated homepage, you should explicitly request indexing.
  5. Help listeners find your show. Listeners can search for your show on Google as soon as it's been indexed, but you can also create direct links to your show or episodes to post or share with listeners.
  6. Monitor your podcast listener data.
  7. Manage your podcast on Google.

If all goes well, a new podcast should be available on Google within a week.

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