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Google Podcasts badge guidelines

Add a Google Podcasts link and badge to your website

Wherever you promote your podcast, you can use a "Listen on Google Podcasts" badge to link directly to your show or episode on Google Podcasts. This badge is available in multiple sizes and formats, localized into 49 languages.

Google Podcasts badge

Instructions for adding a Google Podcasts badge

In Google Podcasts Manager

If your show is registered in Google Podcasts Manager, here's how to download and use a Google Podcasts badge:

  1. In your show's homepage on Google Podcasts Manager, click Settings Settings > Share podcast  to open the show sharing dialog.
  2. Choose a badge language from the language selector.
  3. Either download  the badge image file and embed it on your web page, or click the embedded snippet button  to copy HTML code that you can add to your web page without downloading the badge image file. If you download the image file, hyperlink it to your podcast using the Google Podcasts show link in the dialog.
  4. Follow the badge usage guidelines below.

Outside Google Podcasts Manager

If you haven't registered your show in Google Podcasts Manager, here's how to download and use a Google Podcasts badge:

  1. Download the "Listen on Google Podcasts" badge
  2. Find the URL of your podcast or episode on Google Podcasts.
  3. Embed the "Listen on Google Podcasts" badge on your page, linking it to the URL you found in step 2. The badge should link either to your show or to a specific episode on Google Podcasts.
  4. Follow the badge usage guidelines below.

Badge usage guidelines

Please follow these guidelines when using the "Listen on Google Podcasts" badge:

  • Any online use of the badge must link to your show or episode on Google Podcasts.
  • Use the badge as provided, without any modifications other than resizing (down to the minimum allowed size):
    • Make sure the badge is legible
    • Do not add additional text or graphic styling such as drop shadows or reflections
    • Do not change the badge colors
    • Do not remove, add, or rearrange any text or graphics in the badge
    • Do not distort, skew, or warp the badge
  • Match the badge language to the language of your marketing campaign whenever possible.
  • Follow the badge size and placement rules below.
  • The badge can be used only to promote content available on Google Podcasts.
  • Include the appropriate Google Podcasts legal attribution when there is space in the creative.
  • When using the badge in any of these additional contexts, you must request approval from the Google Podcasts Partner Brand team:
    • A TV commercial
    • An out-of-home marketing campaign
    • A marketing campaign that will receive over 1 million impressions

Badge size and placement

  • Minimum badge width on a webpage is 150px wide at 1x (plus an additional border described below).
  • Do not change the aspect ratio of the provided images when resizing.
  • Ensure that the badge text and graphics are clear and large enough to be legible.
  • Provide an additional 25% clear border on each side of the badge. Don’t place photos, typography, or other graphical elements inside this clear space. The 25% is measured from the badge itself, so if a badge were 1 unit tall by 4 units wide, there would be an addidtional .25 unit border on both the top and bottom (1 x 0.25), and a 1 unit border on either side (4 x 0.25).
  • The Google Podcasts badge must be the same size or larger than other subscription badges.
  • The Google Podcasts badge must be shown on a solid colored background or a simple background image that makes the badge easy to find or read. Remember that you can't change the background of the badge itself, and it must also have a clear border that matches this background.

Referring to Google Podcasts in text

In any text that promotes your podcast on Google Podcasts, use the phrasing "on Google Podcasts":

  • Correct: Our podcast is now available on Google Podcasts.
  • Incorrect: Our podcast is now available from Google Podcasts.

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