Google crawls (visits) RSS feeds and web pages using software called crawlers. Google uses the FeedFetcher user agent to retrieve RSS feeds.
Duplicate feed
If Google thinks that several RSS feeds describe the same podcast, only one will be served; all the other feeds are considered duplicate feeds. Read more.
Google Podcasts platforms
All the Google services, apps, or devices where a user can search for and listen to podcasts. For example: Google Search, the Google Podcasts app for mobile, and Google Home. Read more.
Index, Google index
The Google index (sometimes called the index for short) is Google's list of known podcasts (and web pages) that are served to users. The verb index means putting a podcast (or web page) into the index after it has been found and parsed: After Google crawls an RSS feed, if the feed has no errors, Google indexes the feed, and it can then be served to people searching on Google.
Served feed
The RSS feed considered as the representative feed for your podcast by Google, and served on Google Podcasts platforms. Only episodes from this feed are served on Google Podcasts platforms. Read more.
Show is both a generic term for a podcast from the listener's perspective, as well as the Podcasts Manager representation of a podcast. A show in Podcasts Manager has listening data, a feed history, various settings that you configure, and a list of users with access levels.
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