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I want to add google play store to fire 7 tablet I want to add Google play store and Google play all to my fire 7 tablet How do I change the default settings for my calander? Ever since the upgrades on my Samsung Galaxy S10+, my Google calendar is starting on the day schedul…
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please can help me please open the google+ Good news Google plus Nakon nekog vremena provedenog bez računala,nemogu otvoriti svoju stranicu??? Africa93
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Will Google+ ever come back I was wondering when will google+ ever come back. It was such a great app. Where's my back up from April 30 2019 It might be in regular Google however I'm not sure how to access it if is It was good app and usefull Plz need Google +
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Daily news Sawan is continue
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Calls comming in rings once then goes straight to voicemail Want to know why my incoming calls go straight to voicemail I lost my pnotos of 2019 Retrieve my photos of 2018 PLEASE How do I get to speak to sombody human????? I'mttrying to access Google play and YouTube but it's stating that I'm not connected to the internet… Want to update my google Updating my Google How can I retrieve ALL my pictures and videos that I uploaded on Google plus? The archive I downloaded from Google + does not give me all of the content I've uploaded Google + app Now that G+ is shutting down will we be able to remove the preinstalled Google + app from our phones…
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