What happens if you can't use Google+

If you use Google for work or school, your administrator controls whether you can use Google+ and post content. You might not be able to use Google+ if:

  • Your administrator turns off Google+ for your account.
  • Your account doesn’t have an active G Suite license.

When you can't use Google+ for work or school:

  • You won’t be able to post, comment, or +1 in Google+.
  • You’ll get an error message or notice when you try to post, comment, or +1.
  • You might be able to delete your old content. Delete and manage activity on Google+.
  • You might be able to delete your Google+ profile.
  • If your work is no longer a G Suite customer, your Google+ profile and content will be deleted for you. This does not apply for schools using G Suite for Education.

Note: If your G Suite or Google+ account is suspended, your access to Google+ may be blocked and your content will be hidden and might eventually be removed.

Contact your administrator if you want to use Google+. Your administrator might need to assign a new license to your account.

If you signed up for G Suite for yourself, you're probably your account’s administrator. Make sure your billing information is correct and fix payment and billing issues.

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